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19498 CR 38 Goshen, IN 46526    Phone: 574-533-7465    Toll Free: 800-359-0757    Fax: 574-533-1685    Email:



The Kercher family has been growing produce in Northern Indiana for over 80 years.  Pictured on the right is Tom Kercher with his son Bill Kercher (fourth and fifth generation respectively).  Combined with the marketing experience of Tom's partner, Rick Jones, Sunrise Produce has over 60 years of experience in Growing, Shipping, Packing and Distributing Fresh Produce.  We are well known for our Apples, Apple Cider and Sweet Corn.  However, we also grow Green and Red Cabbage, Peaches, Yellow Squash, Zucchini Squash, Acorn Squash, Spaghetti Squash, Indian Corn, Pumpkins and Gourds. 


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Updated: 05/24/2013

Sunrise Produce Inc. is located in Goshen, Indiana.  It is reachable from South Bend, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Gary, Grand Rapids and Indianapolis.  Our primary products include various pack sizes of the following, tomato, potato, onions, pineapple, avocado, apples, watermelon, cantaloupes, melons, peaches, sweet corn (Bi-Color, Yellow and White varieties), green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers, green cabbage, red cabbage, cucumbers, seedless cucumbers, baby cucumbers and many other fruits and vegetables.  Sunrise Produce is a grower, packer, shipper and distributor located in Northern Indiana.  Sunrise Produce is located in the heart of the Midwest and is available to ship produce to Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa during our growing seasons.